Entrevista com Fernando Alonso


15 de janeiro de 2008 | 17h22

Olá amigos!
Recebi de Jerez de la Frontera a transcrição da entrevista de Fernando Alonso, hoje, depois de sua volta à equipe Renault. Desculpe, não tive tempo de traduzi-la. Estou na correria aqui na redação, envolvido em outras atividades da editoria. Mais tarde vou inserir o texto sobre o teste de hoje.


Q – How does it feel to be back after 86 outside the cockpit?
A – Well, the break could have been longer but the truth is that I missed driving a Formula One car, so it was good to get in the car and start testing. I saw everyone testing in December but at that time I couldn’t test yet.

Q – We can see big smiles all day, so do you feel more at ease with yourself in this environment you know so well?
A – No, I’m the same person. Last year I had a bigger change, so returning to Renault, a team I worked with for six years, it’s like returning to more familiar grounds.

Q – What were your feelings today?
A – At the start it was all a bit strange. The car changed quite a lot from the last time I drove it and, above all, I had to get used to driving without traction control. Now we need to have a bit more careful with the throttle as we have 800 bhp in our back, so we have to be gentle.

Q – You set the best time at the end of the day. How do you read that?
A – The lap times during testing are not important, it’s not the focus of any team, because we’re all here to try different things for the car. In the morning I ran with the tires Piquet had used yesterday, trying to evolve things like the start, stability under braking, and the traction. Then, in the afternoon we put new tires on and that’s why we moved up in the time charts, that’s all. There’s no need to give a lot of importance to that.

Q – Still, we can see in your face that you’re happy…
A – I’ll return to my hotel quite happy with the work we’ve done, as we’ve improved a car quite a lot. Therefore, the R28 will come from a good baseline. In the morning we improved quite a lot in the way we managed the new electronic systems, to make the most out of the engine characteristics now that we don’t have traction control. I brought in my opinions, gave my advice to the them and we kept on making very positive steps.

Q – Is the car as bad as people said?
A – It’s difficult to now. It’s not a car that couldn’t win any race in a season dominated by McLaren and Ferrari. As a first impression I would say it’s not a great car but I was expecting it to be more difficult to drive, I expected more problems. I was very positive.

Q- What scares you most and what pleases you most in this return to Renault?
A – Nothing scares me! It worried me that we can have a bad season, an year in which we’ll be fighting for tenth place in the races and than you can lose your motivation because the best you can do is to finish in ninth or tenth position. We have to try to get up there, to be in a position to fight for the podium, to go to the races with maximum motivation. What pleases you more is to return to a team where I stayed for a long time, where the people are the same I knew, where you can eat well and where I feel very well.

Q – Does it worry that people expect you to be Champion again?
A – Again it doesn’t scare me, and it would be bad to kill everyone’s optimism and desire to have a Spanish Champion again. In the end, though, everything will be decided in the races. If after four races all
I’ve managed is four eight places, everyone will realize it will be impossible to achieve out dream this year. It’s probably not a cautious thing to do to speak about that now, but it’s a logical thing to do and it’s undeniable. But I’ll give my best and so will the team.

Q – What do you expect from the R28?
A – The R28 will be a good car because the teams topped the evolution of the R27 in the middle of the year, in July, to focus on the design and development of the R28. They had a lot of work to do in the last few months but the engineers have a very good feeling about the new car. For sure it will be better than the R27.

Q – Why have you put a pair of aces in your new helmet?
A – I wanted to put in the helmet something that would allude to the two championships I won. A friend of my sent me by mail some ideas: crowns, turtles, etc and in the end I chose the aces because I like to play cards.

Q – But there are only four aces…
A – Oh, it wouldn’t be a bad thing to need to think about something new if I’d run out of aces to put in my helmet…

Q – How does it feel to have the number five again in the car?
A – That’s a number I like and brings back good memories to me. I’m happy for it, but we’ll have to see what we can aim for this year.

Q – Are we going to have the Blue Wave in the circuits?
A – I hope to don’t expect too much just because I was quickest today, but I hope to see my fans in the races too.


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